What Tech Could Learn From Madam Secretary

The husband in Madam Secretary (West Wing like-show) is such a well-written character as a model for being in relationship with a strong woman. He knows how to be in her power with her and also hold his own power. I am loving it. I watch it as a powerful possibility for emerging gender dynamics.

The lead character is Secretary of State and her husband is an ethics professor. Their relationship is real, gritty and honest (unlike romantic movies that leave me feeling over sugared and nauseous).

He navigates being in relationship with a strong woman in such an amazingly skillful way – he supports her but also challenges her. He fights for her, sometimes literally, but doesn’t try to rescue her. He knows she can handle herself so he doesn’t get in the way. He follows through on his commitments, has a strong moral compass, and is loyal and devoted. He is strong, honest and loving. He knows when to listen and when to call her on her crap. He also knows how to take a stand for himself without taking anything from her.

I would love to see more of this dynamic in the world – personally and professionally.

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