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People + Development = Happier Earth

People + Development = Happier Earth

With the Paris Climate Talks underway, the fate of the beautiful planet we call home has been top of mind. And it hurts – I feel our precarious predicament on a visceral level.

I am not a scientist. I am a developer of people and a lover of the earth.

From this perspective, I understand that carbon dioxide contributes to global warming and that the amount of carbon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere is increasing so quickly that last week was the last time anyone alive will experience CO2 levels below 400 ppm. The NASA video at the bottom of the article is both beautiful and informative. The increase in CO2 is complicated but happens with more pollution and a decrease in the number of trees. Trees eat up carbon dioxide and give back the oxygen we inhale about 6 times every minute to stay alive.
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Research Showing the Value of Women in Leadership

The founders of The Leadership Circle, the 360-assessment I use in my executive coaching, recently launched their new Leadership book. In the book they discuss a lot of the research on leadership effectiveness and bottom-line results. I love this 360-assessment because it creates a clear developmental path for evolving more complex mindsets. Continue Reading

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