Are you up to the challenge of a high-stakes project?

If you are like most teams, the pressure of a high-stakes project can sometimes bring out your worst performance when your best is needed. It is a natural response. You can blame your slow-to-evolve biology. We haven’t changed much since we were being chased by tigers in the wild. Because of this, under pressure we naturally revert to a fight or flight response. This served us well when our survival depended on blood flow to our muscles and brain stem.

But now, we need blood to stay in our thinking brains so we can solve complex problems with others. This is one of the reasons I love mindfulness: the tools help us return to our best… even under pressure. They are simple techniques that improve performance.

Last fall I spoke about using mindfulness to develop high-performing teams at the Global Organizational Development Conference with my colleagues Judy Sugg and Alisa Blum. Some of the feedback we got was, “Best session with the easiest tools to take back to my organization.”

If your team is struggling on a high-stakes project, or you are just curious about mindfulness and teams, check out the video here. I hope you enjoy it and would love to hear how it impacts you.

If your high-stakes project team is struggling with any of the following:
– navigating complexity
– challenging relationships (internal or external)
– integrating new team members
– lack of clear direction
– difficulty making decisions

…consider a TEAM ASSESSMENT.

How does it work?

I will watch your team in action by sitting in on one of your regularly scheduled meetings. You will hardly know I am there, because I will be super stealthy like a cat (and unlike a cat I promise not to pounce).

By watching your team in action, your performance will be mapped across 7 categories to models built on leading-edge research. You won’t find these in the mainstream literature. These are more innovative, interesting and valuable insights from people leading cultural change in team performance.

At the end of the meeting you will learn a few key insights to improve your performance. These could include tools from mindfulness, executive coaching or conflict resolution. They will be simple things you can easily implement to be a happier, more efficient and productive team.

If you would like this insight, fill out this handy form to get started.

I look forward to helping you win as a team!

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